Tired of shoveling? Try the SnoWonder™ Snow Scoop! from the T-J Gas Company

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The SnoWonder glides effortlessly over the Snow.

Removing snow is simple with the SnoWonder.

The SnoWonder Features

Ease of Use

· Moves Snow Quickly and Easily

· Eliminates Lifting Strain caused by a traditional Snow Shovel

· Fiberglass Scoop is Non-sticking for a Fast, Easy Glide over hard surfaces

· Fiberglass Scoop is Self-cleaning for Quick Simple Unload


Quality Construction

· Strong Fiberglass Scoop

· Strong Metal Handle

· Hand Crafted in the USA



· Unlike a Snow Blower, no fuel is required.

· The SnoWonder Snow Scoop is a high quality product that will last for many years


The SnoWonder when tipped back, easily moves over the snow.

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Your SnoWonder will cut the time spent moving snow. Removing snow from driveways is simple with the SnoWonder.

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We now have a Small SnoWonder available!  Its perfect for narrow sidewalks, or small driveways!